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Certified "Safe" Downloads

Every download from Amuseware is signed by Amuseware and certified by Comodo (www.comodo.com), a leading root certificate authority.

This means that the files you download from Amuseware have not been tampered with since they left us and were time-stamped and certified by Comodo. When you run the install program on your computer, the warning message will say, "Publisher: Amuseware", not "Publisher: Unknown".

You will never get anything in an Amuseware game that you are not expecting. No viruses, no worms, no spyware, no adware, no pop-ups, no pop-downs, no .... (what else is out there that you don't want?), no anything except a good quality game.

I know it's an old fashioned idea, but we provide a quality product at a fair price and then provide excellent and friendly customer support to back it up.

Are We Safe?