Amuseware isn't some big conglomerate corporation with stock holders and a board of directors. It's just me (Scott) and my wife Debby, sitting in my den, on my computer, writing games and running Amuseware. Debby is the CEO, the CFO, and the Chairman of the Board. I am the programmer, the troubleshooter, and the janitor.

Our Philosophy

Amuseware has been in business many years and our philosophy has not changed since the first day. We provide quality games at reasonable prices and back it up with outstanding customer service.

You will never get anything from Amuseware that you were not expecting. No spyware, no malware, no viruses or worms. No ads, no popups. We don't ask for any of your personal information other than your email address, and we would never sell it or give it to anyone for any reason, ever!

It's an old fashioned idea, but we think our game quality and support quality speak for themselves.

Our Passion

We, at Amuseware, like computer games and our passion is to make good ones. We are always striving to improve our games and our customer service. You probably don't like it any more than I do when I call some customer support line and talk to an automated computer voice, so we are passionate about providing timely and friendly customer service.